Custody Proceedings | Hire an Attorney if you can | Where to go if you can’t

You might be wondering, “What kind of attorney offers people information about representing themselves in custody cases”?

The kind that understands that not everyone can afford private legal counsel and being unable to afford an attorney should not prevent you from accessing the Courts to advocate for your children and fight to stay in their lives.

Even if you are thinking you can’t afford an attorney, schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney that practices law in your County.   A consultation fee is almost always worth every penny in the information you can glean about the Court system and what to expect.  You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can in fact afford an expert to help you with your case.  Even if that is not the case, it is always better to be informed about the process at the outset than to go in blind.

Below are some links provided by the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania about Custody Proceedings.  Some counties have county-specific forms available there.

Source: Custody Proceedings | Representing Yourself | Learn | Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania