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With over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of Pennsylvania adoption law, The Taylor Law Firm is the advocate that you need to guide you through the process. By working closely with both sets of parents, we seek to anticipate surprises and avoid misunderstandings. Through compassion, honesty, and the highest professional ethics, we believe we can create a scenario in whicheverybody wins – birth parents, adoptive parents, and of course, the baby. Give us a call to discuss your adoption rights (814) 849-5800


Spousal Support is also known is alimony and is the amount of money one spouse must pay to the other spouse in a separation or divorce. It is different than child support (link to CHILD SUPPORT PAGE HERE). Many things factor into the amount a spouse must pay to the other and for how long. The Court may consider the length of the marriage, the incomes of the parties, fault and other factors. The key to success in any alimony dispute is being fully aware of your rights. To speak directly to a spousal support lawyer issues, your situation and potential legal options, call us now for a consultation 814-849-5880.


In any divorce or separation involving children, child custody and visitation is the primary issue between parents. Parents seek outcomes that they believe are in their best interest as parents as well as in the best interest of their children which typically means there is a disagreement as to child custody in divorce and separation cases. To make sure you understand your parental rights and child custody issues, it is imperative to hire an experienced family law attorney and child custody lawyer. As a parent you have the right to remain an integral part of your child’s life whether you are married or divorced. Contact us today for a consultation to protect your rights and your child’s future. Call us to meet with a Brookville child custody attorney. 814-849-5880


Few things are more difficult and have more of an impact on the lives of adults and children than a divorce. If you are facing a divorce or family law related legal matter, it is important to have experienced, reasonable and knowledgeable legal advice about your rights and a compassionate advocate who can guide you through this emotional process. At the Taylor Law Firm in Brookville , Pennsylvania, we understand how challenging these issues can be and we try to provide our clients with experienced and effective legal representation. We take the time to understand each of our clients, their goals and work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome in divorce cases. The key to success in any family law dispute is being fully aware of your rights. To speak directly to a lawyer about your situation and potential legal options, contact us for a consultation.

Family Law

Whether your family is newly separated.. or if you have been living separate and apart for some time, navigating the Pennsylvania family court system can be daunting. You should contact an experienced family law attorney the moment you believe your family unit is going to change. Sometimes the change can be good; a pending wedding, expecting a baby, or contemplating adoption. Sometimes the change is heartbreaking; a trial separation, dividing up your possessions, figuring out where your children will live during the separation, figuring out how you are going to make ends meet on your sole income. Divorce and family law matters often feel emotional and painstaking. As an experienced family law attorney, Kerith Strano Taylor will do everything she can to address and alleviate the tensions and your concerns related to your pending divorce or custody matter.

Grandparents’ Rights

At The Taylor Law Firm our commitment to protecting custody rights goes beyond representing parents. We also assist grandparents in making sure their rights are protected and that they can stay a part of their grandchild’s life. To learn more about your potential grandparents rights case call us at (814) 849-5880 to meet with Dubois, Brookville, Clarion grandparents rights lawyer.


When parents divorce, it is important to make sure that children still have the full support, both emotionally and financially, they need from their parents. In Pennsylvania, this is achieved through child support and payments to the custodial parents for the various needs of the child or children. Many unrepresented parents feel intimidated by this process as there are so many factors that come into play and are not sure the amount to which they are entitled. That is why the Taylor Law Firm and its child support attorney is available to help. We can help you protect your rights in child support negotiations and disputes. Call the Taylor Law Firm now for your consultation (814) 849-5880