Protect Your Financial Future and Know Your Rights

Spousal Support is also known as alimony pendente lite (support pending litigation) and it is the amount of money one spouse must pay to the other spouse in a separation or divorce. It is different than child support. Many things factor into the amount a spouse must pay to the other and for how long. The Court may consider the length of the marriage, the incomes of the parties, fault and other factors.

It is imperative that a proper evaluation of a spouse’s income, assets and other issues be performed.  In these cases knowledge is power. Our lawyers have experience in handling Pennsylvania spousal support and alimony cases to make sure their clients are protected now and into the future and understand how spousal support can go hand-in-hand with child support.

The key to success in any alimony dispute is being fully aware of your rights. To learn the basics of support litigation, discuss your situation and your legal options, call us now for a consultation 814-849-5880.