Family Law

Whether your family is newly separated, or if you have been living separate and apart for some time, navigating the Pennsylvania family court system can be daunting.  You should contact an experienced family law attorney the moment you believe your family unit is going to change.  Sometimes the change can be good; a pending wedding, expecting a baby, or contemplating adoption.  Sometimes the change is heartbreaking; a trial separation, dividing up your possessions, figuring out where your children will live during the separation, figuring out how you are going to make ends meet on your sole income.

Information is power.

Before you begin to worry about all the possible “what-if’s,” come speak with Kerith Strano Taylor at The Taylor Law Firm and ease your mind with information.  Divorce or custody litigation can be frightening.  Often the most intimidating part of all of it is that you do not know the rules of the game; or how the Court will protect you or your children.    By providing you the information to make the best decisions in your circumstances, The Taylor Law Firm is giving you the power in your case.

Family law is a very broad term used to describe the means by which the Court resolves issues between family or former family.  This includes, but is not limited to, divorce, equitable distribution of the marital estate, custody disputes, child support, spousal support, paternity suits, adoption, juvenile dependency matters, voluntary and involuntary termination of parental rights.  Each case requires individual attention and a strategy crafted specifically to the facts of the case.

As your Family Law Attorney, Kerith Strano Taylor, will competently and aggressively represent you through the family law litigation, including, but not limited to equitable distribution of the marital estate, child or spousal support calculations, custody mediation and trial, if necessary.  She listens carefully to your concerns, strives to promptly returns your calls, minimizes attorney fees, when possible, and works to process your case efficiently and effectively.

Divorce and family law matters often feel emotional and painstaking. As an experienced family law attorney, Kerith Strano Taylor will do everything she can to address and alleviate the tensions and your concerns related to your pending divorce or custody matter.